Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What to Wear (Spring 1947 Edition)

If you want inspiration, 1947 style, check out these suggestions for the "new spring suits" from March, 1947, Life Magazine:

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And a couple of ads from the same issue: Women's stocking color in "palamino," and, of course, well-dressed men. Sixty-five years ago really had it going on, didn't it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Forward Thinking Gum?

This ad says it all. Check it out, and then I'll tell you when it's from:

Fleers Gum is long gone, although I have enjoyed years of chewing on another of their products, Dubble Bubble bubble gum. Apparently, this is the company that started baseball cards and other trading cards. I wish they were still around, because just for running this ad in... March 1946's Radio Mirror magazine, I would buy all of their gum I could chew.

If you can't make out the text, it says: "'Don't let them kid you!' says Ray Milland. You can't tell a good American by the color of his skin, the church he goes to, or the way he spells his name. People from every race and every country have helped to make America great. Let's all remember that, and show the world America means what it says about Democracy!"

The gum may be gone, but the message of the ad is timeless. I wish I knew what was behind this ad in 1946. Is there a story that goes with it? Is this a post-war message (that few heeded...)? Is it something more personal to the company? What does the lovely Mr. Milland have to do with it? Regardless, it's impressive.