Friday, September 9, 2011

A Man in a Crisp White Shirt

I admit it. I am missing Don Draper something terrible. He/Jon Hamm can wear a starched white shirt, dark tie and dark slacks quite nicely, don't you agree?

Why'd men stop wearing crisp white shirts? Even just for Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes? So simple, so easy to wear, so flattering, with jeans or with slacks and tie, a well-ironed white shirt...that fits correctly... just lovely.

So who's your favorite man in a white shirt?


  1. My darling wear white crisp shirts. But then he also wear hats. :)

    Hmm. Jason Isaacs. Though here he is in a not so crisp white shirt- but in 1930's clothes. :)

  2. My husband showed up to a get-together wearing a banded collar white shirt. His friends all commented on how dressed up he was. I guess the buttons really threw them for a loop! Must agree that crisp and white is a hard combo to top!