Friday, February 17, 2012

February Outfit

Hello all! I'm starting a new feature today! Each month, I'm going to attempt to recreate a vintage outfit I find in a book, magazine, film, or...wherever! (Feel free to send me ideas!)

I'm starting with a picture I found in McCall's magazine, January 1964...because I'm excited for the return of Mad Men in just a matter of weeks! Here is the original:
From McCall's, January 1964, pg. 91. Photographs by William Helburn, pants by White Stag; belt by Elegant.
I love both of these looks, but there more to work with in that second shot! I've always loved browns (in fact, I asked my bridesmaids to wear brown). So, this outfit caught my eye. Also, it's that timeless look that could be from any decade, from the 1920s to now.

Here's what I put together:

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The photo doesn't show the bottom half of the lovely lady, so I used my imagination. Here we have a 1970s blouse by Koret of California (available here).  The sweater I've used is a really neat 1940s Red Cross pullover (available here ). Using my imagination, I pulled this skirt out of my closet. It's a 1970s pleated skirt by Bodin Knits (but here's a nice one in wool). Last, I've used some of my all-time favorite shoes, my brown suede Hush Puppies (argh... I can't find any just like them... any in your closet??). And the idea how long I've had that. Don't we all have some old standby brown belt that goes with everything?

Here's a closer look at everything:

I used to have these same shoes in black patent...I literally wore the sole plum off of one!
I love the mix of earth tones here, but any mix of colors would be great. And, as I said, there is just something always fashionable about all of these pieces, giving you a nice vintage look that might not even be noticed as vintage!

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