Thursday, August 18, 2011

I think I'll guffaw this week

Tucked away in a magazine I recently received (McCall's April 1955) was this torn and rather ragged page from Parade magazine. It's a very cute article on how to laugh during "National Laugh Week."
Wondering if this fun sounding week were still around, I hit Google. The nearest I could find is a vague reference or two to "National Laugh at Work Week." (Well... one has to have a JOB to do that one... I currently do not!) But I did find this:
According to the George Glazer web site, this photos is a:
"Framed photograph of comedians holding National Laugh Week banner. Among the comedians shown are Billy Gilbert, Henny Youngman, Ed Hastings "Senator" Ford, and Herb Shriner at the far right. Lew Parker holds the banner; he is perhaps best known for having played Ann Marie's father on the TV show "That Girl." The two men next to Billy Gilbert are probably connected with the organization who had the photo taken, perhaps a radio station. National Laugh Week is the first week in April every year, beginning, naturally, with April Fool's Day."

How fun! Why'd we stop laughing as a nation? Seems all we want to do these days is bicker like children.

The Parade article, by Dick Emmons, gives some tips on different ways to laugh during this week of April. I'll sum it up here; read the article for full instructions.

The snicker: Not well thought of; only permissible toward the end of a hard day of laughing...

The guffaw: It has the happy characteristics of lending itself to any situation.

The chortle: Suitable for afternoon use.

The cackle: Can be used as an early-evening excuse for a laugh.

The chuckle: A late-evening standby; especially effective for drowning out small talk at social events.

The giggle: A happy link between Outbursts and Peals.

Grins and Smiles: Only a person of small character and weak moral fiber will employ  grin or a smile during National Laugh Week, except in the event of calamities.

So why wait until next April to enjoy laughing? How about a good cackle right before dinner tonight?!

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