Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Those were the days to travel!

Remember when it felt human, nay... superhuman... to travel?

I honestly don't, I'm afraid. I was a grown-up before I travelled by any other mode than car, so I completely missed the hey-day when travelling was a glamorous big deal. Folks would dress up in their finest, be treated like royalty, and arrive at their exciting destination fresh as daisies. If you've flown lately, you know that, sadly, none of this is true anymore.

Check out this vision:

I'm not even sure I can comprehend all of the wonderfulness here. The clothing, the easy chairs, the lounging around talking to sophisticated people, the interior design, the drinks... the BED!

We rarely travel by plane, but when we do, it's to go overseas to visit family. As much as I love the folks, it's my worst nightmare to fly to see them. When I came upon this ad recently, I fairly salivated. Just imagine such wonderfulness. Or don't... it will only depress you the next time you have to board a sardine can.

Here's hoping that the new show Pan Am will do for plane travel what Mad Men has done for skinny ties and wiggle dresses!

Why'd we stop traveling like humans? Glamourous, happy humans? Sigh...

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  1. That looks like a show I'd watch.....if we had TV service! :)