Sunday, January 27, 2013

Movie Monday--Helen's Babies

I love Clara Bow, so I was thrilled to discover several movies of hers available on You Tube. If you love the 20s or Clara Bow or silent film--or all of the above like I do--check out Helen's Babies. It's the story of Helen and Tom, who decide to take off on a vacation and leave Helen's "expert" brother in charge of their two young daughters. Baby Peggy, one of the original child stars--and brilliant!--is one of the daughters.

Clara Bow has a very minor role as the beautiful next door neighbor Uncle Harry falls for. She is actually barely recognizable in this film, especially with her straighter hair and thin bow lips. She is still adorable, though. Maybe not quite as cute as Baby Peggy, though!

There is no musical accompaniment to this, so you sometimes might need to make yourself pay attention amid the total silence. But there are laugh- out-loud moments. Unpacking luggage has never been so cute ... And frustrating!

Check it out. I'd love to know what you think!

From 1924, it's Helen's Babies:

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