Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday--Little Ash Trays

Thursdays are the days I appreciate the beautiful things that I have in my own diverse collection. 

This week I'd like to share my little collection a ash trays. No, I don't smoke. No, I don't like others to smoke. But... Unfortunately, old smoking accoutrements are just so darned elegant. (But if you add the smell and other effects of actual smoking, well a certain amount of elegance is lost, I must say.)

I have four ashtrays, and they are displayed on a little desk in my front room. Those are chestnuts from a tree in Ireland. The ash tray that started it all is this one:

My great aunt did a bit of a grand tour in the 50s and apparently swiped this little treasure from the famous Cafe de la Paix. In my fertile imagination, Hemingway used this tray while sipping absinthe! See more about this landmark here and here.

The other three I have picked up through the years as I come across them. My aunt wasn't the only one with sticky fingers at hotels and restaurants!

Read about the Madrid Palace Hotel here. Maybe Mata Hare used my ash tray!

And then there are these two:


No clue. Anyone help me with these?
Recently I was kindly given this award by Miss Sabrina Fairchild

So here goes: Seven facts about myself, and 15 blogs to pass along:
1. I know how to weld (arc and oxy-acetylene and just a touch of mig!)
2. I once worked as a wrangler at a dude ranch (the most fun ever!)
3. I am thinking about not dying my hair anymore...
4. I sometimes secretly watch Days of Our Lives (why don't those people age??)
5. I love the move Encino Man very, very much (I can't explain!)
6. My favorite color is brown. Yep, brown.
7. I cannot do a cart wheel. Never could.
Do check out these blogs:
And thanks yet again to the kind and supportive Miss Fairchild!

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  1. Ohhh those ashtrays are delightfully cute (even though like you I don't smoke...and no one is allowed to smoke in our home).

    I love your 7 things. I used to watch the bold & the beautiful when the kids were really little. I saw it about a year ago and the storyline hadn't progressed much in 10 years. It was hilarious.

    You are more than welcome on the award and now I am off to read some more blogs!