Friday, June 3, 2011

At Home ... With THE Range

Yes, I'm talking about appliances again. I pine for old appliances. They were so clever and stylish in so many ways--and so many are still plugging away (no pun intended...really) today. Check this stove out:

This is from the March 25, 1957, Life magazine. (Sorry for the photo...the ad is way too large to scan.) Behold the RCA Whirlpool Electric Range. Not only is it ... swoon ... pink, it has double ovens. It has a rotisserie. It has a timer that turns off and on all kinds of stuff. It has burners that can flip up even when they're hot so stuff doesn't burn on them. It has a meat probe that turns the oven off when the meat is done. It has a griddle. It has space on top to work. It has two--TWO--plugs on the top front. And the utility drawer comes completely out so you can clean under it!

I am in love with a range. Is that wrong?

Of course, extensive Google searching (OK, about three tries) does not turn up any of these babies anywhere. Surely such perfection never really existed? Because if it did, wouldn't modern ranges do all of these things? I certainly would think so. If these did exist, why on earth did we stop doing that... all that?

So do tell. Anyone out there have proof of the existence of perfection? Please show pictures.

I will dream of this range. If I had it, I, too, would cook massive meals (TWO pies!) in high heels and starched apron with a big smile on my perfectly made-up face. How could one not??


  1. I love old appliances! My kitchen in chock full - the fridge, stove, sink, coffee maker, mixer, toaster...sadly, none in pink, though. :)

  2. Try searching on ebay....lots of vintage appliances listed (most are pick up only so if you happen to live in the same state as the seller, you're in luck).

    One of the homes we looked at for sale years ago had a 50's style range that was similar to the one in the ad, only earlier. I wanted the house solely for that range, lol. Sadly it didn't work out and I shudder to imagine some young hipster couple bought the home and threw the range out in their remodel.

  3. Oh Betsy! No one could be so cruel!