Monday, June 13, 2011

Focus on Fashion, Part III

Returning for the last time to April 1936's Good Housekeeping. This time, make-up.

The article:
Honestly, not much has changed over the decades in the choosing and application of make-up. We still want a fairly natural look in shades that suit us. What has changed, though, is the packaging of that make-up. It used to be so lovely! And much of it was refillable because it was so lovely (and what better way to have brand loyalty? If you have the gorgeous lipstick case, you're probably going to stick to the brand that fits it.) Why, oh why, did we stop doing that?

To wrap up, some ads from the same magazine:


  1. Great post! I have a lovely powder compact from the 30's that was refill-able- one compatrement for powder and one for rouge. Lovely.

  2. Yes. And someone never threw it away and probably never will!