Saturday, July 2, 2011


With so much at stake in the political arena these days, I couldn't help but be called up short by these ads from a set of 1940 Time magazines. The ads are for Fortune magazine and the New York Times. Whatever you think about those publications, the sentiments expressed in these ads, just before the U.S. was to enter World War II, is a sentiment for the ages.

So for this Fourth of July, I will ask, "Why did we stop doing that?"... bragging about honesty in news reporting, encouraging thoughtfulness, presenting the news that goes beyond a sound bite? We've ended up with an endless string of catch phrases and talking points, endlessly...and mindlessly...repeated with nary a real fact to be found (hence Web sites like

Unfortunately, the media gives us what we ask for. When did we stop asking for the whole truth...and nothing but?
On a more shallow note, we are saddened in Texas by the lack of rain...which means we can't have fireworks this holiday. Enjoy yours!

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