Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--That Takes the Biscuit

Ah McVitie's.

If you've ever been to the British Isles or know anyone from there, chances are you know this brand of biscuits...HobNobs, Chocolate Digestives, Rich Tea biscuits... yum. In fact, they are so much a part of the culture, Prince William's groom's cake was made out of Rich Tea biscuits and chocolate. What's not to love?

This ad is from November 17, 1949, The Sphere (UK):

The ad is a lovely thing in itself. Let's take a look at the "grand old Christmas customs":


Once upon a time, one bought one's biscuits (or received them as gifts) in beautifully decorated tins. These were so lovely that few of our grandmothers ever threw them out! As such, there are tons of vintage tins out there, biscuit and otherwise, to make lovely gifts.

Or better yet... use a vintage tin as a gift box, put something really extraordinary inside, and wrap a pretty ribbon around it. We vintage types always have uses for old tins, and of course...for what might be inside! (especially biscuits!) So that's a gift in a gift....and if the ribbon is pretty enough... a bonus gift for the hair! Perfection!

So think outside the "box" for putting gifts under the tree, and give your gifts a vintage flair!

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