Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--Watch the Time!

Do watch the time... Christmas is only 15 days away!

Here's a lovely gift idea from 1940, Time magazine:

Vintage jewelry is lovely for sure, but a vintage watch, for me, is just so special. There seems to be a kind of connection, maybe because that watch has literally been ticking off the time since it was made. And so many of them still are ticking off the time, as they were made to last...and have!

I've lately been hankering after a ladies watch on the cord band. My  mother had one when I was little, and it disappeared (like so much). They are so jewel like, so dainty, and so evocative of their era.

And by the by, when did we stop putting things like watches in such lovely boxes? That is often my most favorite thing about vintage jewelry of any kind, when the original box is with it. They were just as lovely, often, as the gift inside.

Sigh... so pretty!

Just look at "F" there. And those men's watches are so classy.

Happy hunting!

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