Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--Wonder-Full Gifts

And no, I don't mean wonderful... I mean things that make you wonder about a gift giver! Here are a couple of ads, from the same 1953 Good Housekeeping. For him and her:

Now these aren't rude gifts, like a scale or a floor sweeper. And they aren't necessarily bad gifts, especially is she loves rolled ice cream and he loves to garden (or vice versa!). It's not even that they are utilitarian, because they are a step up from a spoon or ... I don't know... a non-stainless steel sprayer? I suppose in JUST the right situation, these are appropriate and even quite thoughtful gifts. I just can't imagine what that perfect situation is that would warrant either of these gifts as a Christmas gift, even a host or hostess gift.

I know these are ads, from companies wanting to make sales. It's just their suggestions of their items as "thoughtful" Christmas gifts that just make me scratch my head!

Oh well. It looks like the joke's on me! Both of these companies are still in business and STILL making these SAME products! So if you happen to want an ice cream scoop by Zeroll or a stainless steel sprayer from Hudson, you're in luck! But if I receive either of these, I will wonder about the giver...

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  1. I don't think I ever longed for an ice cream scoop...but maybe it was the iPad in it's day. ;-)