Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--The Singer Shop

Sewing is making a real come-back as folks (women AND men!) learn that it's a fun, creative, and useful hobby. Of course, many have always known this; and many don't do it as a hobby, but out of necessity.

There's nothing more fun to sew with than a really good machine. This doesn't mean a bunch of bells and whistles, just solid performance and dependability. Singer isn't the only sewing machine, and may not even be the best (although I love mine!), but it has been around a long, long time.

This, from 1941 McCall's:

"Pl-ease fill my Christmas stocking at the Singer Shop!"

I love the fact that this ad has a "Dad's choice":

I'm not quite sure if he is supposed to use the sewing maching to sew or just to keep his writing paper in, but hey, whatever he wants!

And of couse, there is the perpetual encouragement for little girls to learn how to be future wives and mothers:

That might be a small machine, but it's a serious one! We used to trust our kids with stuff like this...and they learned to use it (OK, there may have been a little blood shed here and there, but lessons were learned!).

And by the way, when did we stop making such beautiful sewing machine cabinets? Again, I really quite love my Singer that I got for Christmas last year.'s not exactly heirloom quality like these. Even the matching benches! Just gorgeous!

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  1. Great ad! I love my Singer too. A 1947 in a Queen Anne cabinet and bench. I would have died for that child's machine when I was little. And you're right. Even everyday machines were more decorative back then.