Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--Spare Us the Details!

This from 1953 Good Housekeeping:

Just look at this wife and mother. Angelic. Beautiful. Fashionable. 19-inch waist! Sitting on the floor surrounded by the perfect gifts for all and wrapping them beautifully! With a smile!

The text reads:
Part of the charm
Of a wife is that
She seems to pull rabbits
Out of a hat.
Tackle for fishing
That we craved for
We're stunned to find
She somehow saved for.
And where does she hide
To secretly knit
Sweaters that are
A miraculous fit?
Gifts not to be found
From here to Capri
She'll blandly arrange
Beneath out tree.
She works small wonders;
It never fails.
(She also spares us
The details!)

So, why'd we stop doing that? You know, skating through gift buying and wrapping with such poise?

Yeah... we never did that!

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