Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--These are NOT Good Gift Ideas!

There is just no excuse for anyone thinking this is a good Christmas gift for one's wife (or, apparently, daughter). From 1953 Good Housekeeping:

There are no words to describe the wrongness of this ad...

And then there's this one, same magazine just a few pages later:

Now, there's nothing inherently wrong about a Bissell sweeper. They're really kind of neat. And I even have a daughter who would have loved a kid-sized sweeper when she herself was kid-sized. And that is one fancy scale. Even comes in "decorator colors or all chrome." Nice. Really, really nice. Light-up dial and everything.

But these are not... I repeat, NOT... Christmas gifts. Not for your spouse. Not for your children. Don't even think about it...


  1. Hahahaha.....especially the scale. Imagine opening that up on Christmas morn, staring at it, and then slowly looking up at your husband with an incredulous look on your face. "Just what," you begin, speaking slowly but through gritted teeth, "are you trying to tell me?" ;)