Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide!

I know, we're barely into November. But as far as I'm concerned, it's Christmas shopping season. We'll take a brief break for Thanksgiving, but it's at least time to start thinking about what to get those near and dear to us.

Of course, most of these will be distinctly along the lines of "why did we stop doing that?" If you're looking for a vintage style gift, check back often.

This, from 1948 Collier's:

I would take any of these lovely pieces. Why did we stop making appliances something so beautiful (and well made) that you want to keep them forever? Unfortunately, the centerpiece of my living room is a black plastic TV sitting on top of a DVD player and a cable box. Not beautiful. Not attractive.

Check out this living room centerpiece. It's a piece of furniture made of real wood. And that baby's probably still working somewhere! But what I really love is that adorable little "Zenette" at the bottom! How cute is that? It comes on when you raise the lid, and it goes off when you close it! How snazzy!

Furthermore, I love the simple and slightly straggly looking Christmas tree in the background and the great arrangement on top of the radio. And look at those sweet figurines. But most importantly, look at the clothes! The little boy's gret two-tone shirt, and Mom's long sweeping skirt and wide red belt. Love it!

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