Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide--Teenaged Boys and Swingers

Wow... that title really doesn't mean the same thing as in this ad!

This, from Life, December 15, 1967:

Today, everyone (nearly) has a camera with them all the time on our mobile phones. For better or worse (mostly worse) we can record everything all the time--and share in an instant--to millions of people in some cases. So I wonder if today's young generation realizes just how magical cameras once were...

This little cutie, although HUGE by today's standards, was just the thing for a teenager--black and white pictures in 15 seconds! Wow!

Check out this commercial:

When it comes to cameras, I have mixed feelings. I love my iPhone and its high quality snaps at the touch of a button. But we don't have actual pictures anymore, and that makes me sad. Even if we print out our photos (but really, who does that?), the photo paper will fade away to nothing in just a few years. I treasure all the old photos I have, and I wonder what the next generations will have to remember today. So why'd we stop having tangible things? (don't even get me started on MP3s!)

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