Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday--The Negligee

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there is much talk of lingerie around the media. I am not sure when women dressing like prostitutes became the norm for what was once a religious commemorative day. If this isn't one of the more ridiculous modern made-up holidays that people feel obligated to observe by buying cheap crap, well I don't know what is.

Ok. Now that I have that off my chest (which is fully clothed!), I do want to say a thing or two about lingerie. Sheer is rarely attractive or comfortable. Vinyl? No. Leather? No. Super tight with faux garters and boning? No. In real life, women look and feel best in comfortably flattering bits that they would and should wear any night of the year. I think when we started to see the pretty nighties showing up on Mad Men and other period shows and movies, we remembered that those things are really attractive and look so special. And since we can't go around in ball gowns every day, why not feel like a princess at home? And really, men? Show some class and get something beautiful, if you must buy something so personal, not trashy.

Of course, Trudy doesn't look too happy in this photo, but if you watch Mad Men, you will know that with the decline in Trudy's self confidence is a marked decline in her lingerie. Last season we saw her in housecoats and muu muus.

Feel too girly in a pink confection of a pegnoir set? No, no, no. You can look fierce, a la Betty Draper!

Is this (or should it be) your style?

Or are you more of a pajama kinda gal? Well, they can make you feel pretty spectacular too. No need for sweatpants and stained t-shirts! (Pattern available here.) (Green PJs available here.)

Ever wear a bed jacket? Just that little light touch of frilly can be worn over a pretty thrift-store slip and you've got a pretty night-time set. (Blue one here. Green one here.)

Fear not. As Trudy has shown, little pj sets are not just for little girls. This yellow one below has a slightly longer line with little bloomers. Too cute.

How about 60s sophistication? I'm sure Megan would wear this while having coffee and reading the paper.

This one is a little low cut, but covers everything with demur sexiness.

This one is practically sheer cotton. Prettiness can be machine washable, too!

A bit of frill never hurt anyone.


Or... just a really classy robe.

And don't forget your feet. Slippers are way better than socks!

And for that promised give-away? Follow my blog, leave me a comment on any post and saying you're interested in the give-away by next Friday (the 15th) and I'll choose a lovely lady to send these two flower pins that I crafted.

One is in fall/winter brown, and the other is in spring/summer pale blue. The brown one has a pin back to go on hats, scarves, and lapels (or wherever!), and the blue one includes a clip to go in your summer hair. There are no restrictions on location, so I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Ohhhh - what delightful pins! I would love to win one!!!

  2. Here, here, to comfy lingerie! I grew up wearing babydoll pajamas and now I love my peignoir sets. Sheer and voluminous CAN be sexy (especially with a little back lighting). And thank you for offering the etsy discount and give away! Heading over to check out your shop now!