Monday, February 4, 2013

Treasure Tuesday--Tomato Ware

I love a good cup of tea, and having it poured from a great teapot is a nice bonus. I discovered this teapot a while back and therefore discovered a whole new collectible!

It's called Tomato Ware, it's ceramic,  and it was made in Occupied Japan after World War II. And lest you think it just graces teapots, you think wrong! If it can hold a liquid or sugar or a spread of crudités, you can find it in tomato ware. This pot would have originally been a dime store find and in a set with four Japanese-style handleless cups. What a bright spot this set would have been in a post-war kitchen.

Items marked "Occupied Japan" were made between February 1945 to May 1952 for export, mainly to the US. Mostly ceramics, items also included a variety of tin and plastic toys and things like combs and brushes, clothing, baskets, and lacquered items. The intention was to improve the Japanese economy after the ravages of war and defeat. Items are usually marked clearly.

This pot is available here, and a search on Etsy or EBay for "Tomato Ware" will turn up all kinds of lovelies to make or complete a collection. Who ever said tea service should be dull? Jazz it up with some mid-century quirkiness!

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