Monday, February 11, 2013

Give-Away and Treasure Tuesday--Bakelite Buckles

Hello, folks! Don't forget about the give-away I talked about here (all the way at the bottom!).  I will choose a winner Friday, the 15th.

Today, let's take a look at a little touch that is often overlooked. So often, when I find a great vintage dress, the belt is long gone. This is always a small tragedy, especially  in the case of vintage home-made dresses. Those belts were hand-crafted and often buckled with beautiful little gems akin to those great Bakelite bracelets all of us vintage lovers are so enamored with.

(This little collection is available here.)

This pattern (borrowed from here) shows how these little buckles would be the finishing touches on a dress, lending that professional air. These buckles can be found fairly readily around the Web, and they come in several different styles, colors, and levels of fanciness. 

If you are a bit nerdy, like me, go check out this really interesting look at bakelite at the site of  The American Chemical Society.

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