Sunday, February 3, 2013

Movie Monday--Bringing Up Baby

This is a family favorite, always a great go-to movie on a rainy day. In Bringing Up Baby, Cary Grant is handsome, Katharine Hepburn is beautiful, the clothes are stunning, and it is sweet and funny. If you haven't seen it, you might be surprised what "baby" really is!

YouTube does not have the full movie, just the trailer. Netflix and Amazon both have it, though. 

There are two scenes that stand out as hilarious, both spotted in the trailer. The scene where Katharine Hepburn's dress is torn in the back, and the scene with Cary Grant in the negligee robe are too good to miss! Whether or not the latter scene is the first use of the word "gay" as we have come to know it is a matter of debate. Linguists generally agree that in 1938, it was merely meant as "happy" -- perhaps "silly" in this scene. However, it was in limited use as a slang term for "homosexual," and it's possible that Hollywood would know this. Perhaps it got past the censors because it was not widely known. 

Two other quick facts: Hepburn and Grant made four films together, and Skippy the dog? Yep, the same pup played Asta in The Thin Man.

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  1. I LOVE this movie - and those two scenes are the best!!! I love Cary Grant in the robe. I actually just watched this the other day. I had know idea the dog also played Asta in The Thin Man movies - that dog sure did get some work!